by Drey Wynn

Flint, MI- The Flint City Council honored the Flint Monarchs on Monday for winning the 2022 Global Women’s Basketball Association (GWBA) national championship two weeks prior, Flint defeated the defending national champions and No. 1 seeded Wisconsin Glo 72-70.

“It was such a great honor for 2nd Ward Councilwoman Dr. Ladel Lewis and the Flint City Council to make a formal declaration that acknowledged the Flint Monarchs and be presented with a Certificate of Recognition,” said Drey Wynn, Acting Head Coach and General Manager.

Drey Wynn and Assistant Coach Linnell Jones Mckenney were in attendance for the Monarchs as Councilwoman Lewis read the declaration and presented them with the Certificate of Recognition from Flint City Council.

“A lot of youth doesn’t know until they see but the Monarchs are a great example of them seeing,” said Dr. Ladel Lewis, 2nd Ward Councilwoman.  “There are different professional leagues like the WNBA but the Monarchs are showing other avenues and ways that you can play professional basketball and represent the City of Flint at the same time,” said Lewis.

Overall, the Flint Monarchs possesses six national championships and one FIBA international championship in franchise history. 

Click here for live interview at Flint City Hall with Sam Ali 

For more information, visit www.flintmonarchs.com or call 989-545-0569.